Each year, parent volunteers strive to offer the following activities:

  • Unmounted Sessions - Bookwork: Held in the winter months, once monthly. A full curriculum is presented so that each Pony Clubber is working toward their next rating level. A Regional Quiz Rally is held in the spring, which challenges Pony Clubbers at all levels to work as a team against other teams in the Region in an unmounted competition. Qualifiers can compete at the National Championships.
  • Mounted Sessions and Clinic: Held throughout the year and taught by upper level and graduate Pony Clubbers and professionals to teach riding techniques according to the USPC Standards.
  • Certifications: Standards of Proficiency are met at certification levels in which the pony clubbers progress. For more information, visit
  • Rallies: Organized competitions where teams of five (four horses and one horse manager) compete with teams from other Clubs and states.
  • Junior Hunts: Held in late summer and early fall. All qualified Pony Clubbers are invited by the Long Lake Hounds to experience a foxhunt.
  • Riding Camps: These give Pony Clubbers a chance to experience camping with their horse. Activities include, mounted instruction, horse management, crafts, games and lots of time for socializing and fun! D-Camp and National Examiner Prep Camp
  • Hunter's Pace: An event tied to the foxhunt. Individuals or teams compete against the clock to finish a mapped out course as close to the “Master’s Time”, as possible.
  • C Retreat: A concentrated learning weekend usually held in the fall that offers classes given by many top local equine professionals such as vets, farriers, nutritionists and includes hands-on workshops.
  • D Retreat: Held in the winter time as an unmounted learning day for the D level rider. You'll meet other pony clubbers from around the region as you travel from station to station learning the D Standards of Proficiency. 
  • USPC Festival: Held every three years at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. During the first part of the week, Championships are held, followed the next week by clinics and workshops. It is open to all members and Pony Club families. Activities are planned for everyone, with parents encouraged to participate. The next Festival is in the Summer of 2021!